7 Stretching Exercises That You Can do in Just 7 Minutes for Lower Back Pain Relief

A recent study has found that back pain are a common issue one of Americans, and even 31 million Americans suffer from chronic lower back pain. These problem can be treated with regular exercise.

This workout will help you soothe the pain in the back, alleviate the stiffness in your muscles, and prevent seizures.

1. Spinal stretch

These exercise is perfect in the case of pelvic pain, but be sure you don’t go overboard in it. You should do it for 20 seconds with both knees.

2. The total back stretch

You should do these exercise for 30 seconds then hold for 10 seconds to each side.

3. The piriformis stretch

You should do these exercise for 30 seconds on both feet.

4. The Hip Flexors stretch

These exercise should be performed for 30 seconds daily.

5. The quadriceps lying down stretch

Perform these exercise twice every day, and do it in balance as both sides.

6. Knee to chest stretch

These exercise will strengthen and tone the glutes, and do it for at least 20 seconds.

7. The floor hamstring stretch

You should do these exercise with two feet in balance for at least 30 seconds.

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