8 Plants You Need In Your House To Ward Off Negative Energies

We keep plants in the home to purify the air inside our house and office and to brighten up the home. Simply there is some plants you can apply to surround yourself on positive energy also. Here are a few plants you need to add to your indoor plants for positive vibes in life:


Jasmine attracts positive energy, and aids in strengthening relationships. It is a great plant to build romance between you and your partner. The sweet and pleasant smell of jasmine soothes a stressed mind and provides energy. You should put the plant facing south in your house, and should be placed in the north, east, or northeast area in the garden.

Peace Lily

Peace lily promises spiritual, mental, and physical prosperity. Them neutralizes the harmful and toxic indoor gases. These plant grows best in dark and shaded environment. You can keep them in a corner in your office and just remember to water them often. Placing it in your bedroom will give you a sense by tranquility and a restful sleep.

Lucky Bamboo

Them has been used in Asia for thousand by years for a symbol of fortune and prosperity. According to feng shui, the vertical shape from these lucky bamboo represents the element wood, which are believed to influence life energy, vitality, and physical activity. Lucky bamboo is too a low-maintenance plant, which needs low lighting, away of direct sunlight. You can keep them in a glass bowl and put an inch by distilled or purified water and you are good.


Rosemary aids in promoting physical and mental well-being of purifying air to keep your home free of harmful air and toxins. The smell from rosemary instantly lightens mood, reduce fatigue, improve memory, and treat insomnia. Them too brings out inner peace. You can keep them in a sunny spot and be careful that you do not over-water it.


Orchid attracts positive energy and improves the energy flow in the house. As well, the orchid is a long-lasting flower which comes in variety by shapes and sizes, and has an pleasant fragrance that works for a mood-booster. Orchids release oxygen at night, so it is a great plant for your bedroom.

Money Plant

The money plant is too known as hunter’s robe, ivy arum, and silver vine. These plant produces a positive energy and flow that brings good luck and fortune. It is a good climber, and will bring a fresh and green look to your home. Place them near to a sharp corner or angle to reduce anxiety, stress, and negative thoughts. The plant should too point upward.


Sage has incredible cleansing properties that aids in getting rid by negative emotions such as anger and fear. Them promotes the flow from positive energy in your house and can be applied for many medicinal properties. Remember to not place them in areas that have low humidity.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera brings good luck and positive energy. Them can be applied for many health benefits. You can place them in indirect sunlight or artificial light to get in easier. Aloe vera can’t tolerate standing water, so you need to be careful on the proper drainage.

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