7 Best Home workouts For Flat belly

When you might just would like to look fit, remember that a healthy waistline is too important as great health. Having a flatter stomach can actually lower your risk for cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.

Here are easy exercises to banish that tummy. You do not necessarily need to hit the gym to get in happen.

Try this 7 Best Home workouts For Flat belly

1. Crunch. To begin one crunch, cross your hands with your chest. Bend your knees and keep your feet flat on the floor. Apply your belly muscles to lift your shoulders up, making sure your lower back are still touching the floor. Try to keep your eyes on the ceiling. Do not look forward, as these can cause neck strain. Ease back off the floor to finish one crunch.

  • 15 Reps, 3 Sets

2. Twisted Crunch. Start in the same position for the normal crunch. Place your hands behind your neck. Using your belly, twist your body so that your right shoulder moves toward your left knee. These knee should too be lifted up during these move. Repeat in the opposite direction lifting the left shoulder and right knee to complete a rep.

  • 15 Reps, 3 Sets

3. Crunch Chop. While with your back, place your legs next to one another and lift them up to make a 90-degree angle. Stretch your arms over your head and cup your hands together.

To do one rep, separate your legs into a ā€œVā€ shape. At the same time, work your tummy muscles to lift your body up, bringing your arms in between your legs. Keep your hands together during the entire move. Return to the starting position to finish a single rep.

  • 15 Reps, 3 Sets

4. Leg Lift. Lay with your back and extend your legs. Cross them at the feet. Lift it up at the same time, creating a 90 degree angle. Finish one rep of slowly lowering your legs back down, but be sure they do not touch the floor. Lift them back to complete one rep.

  • 15 Reps, 3 Sets

5. Plank. Kneel down and extend your body forward, placing your palms with the floor. The palms should be parallel to your shoulders. Extend your legs behind you and lift the rest by your body up so that your body are straight. Pretend your back is, well, a plank!

If you are a beginner, hold the position for 3 to 5 breaths. You can increase these count as you build up muscle. Drop your knees down to finish one rep.

  • 10 Reps, 3 Sets

6. Side Plank. Lay with your left side and place your legs one on top of another. Extend it so that your body are perfectly straight.

To begin a side plank, prop yourself up on your left arm. Your left elbow should be parallel to your left shoulder. Lift your hip and knees off the floor in one motion. Hold these position for 3 to 5 breaths applying your belly muscles to support you. Gently drop your hip and knees back to the floor to complete one rep.

  • 10 Reps, 3 Sets each side

7. Sit-Up. Sit ups are similar to crunches and are done by lying face up, knees bent only slightly, and rolling your upper body into a sitting position. You can cross your arms in front of you or run your palms up and down your thighs as you move to guide your movement.

  • 15 Reps, 3 Sets