5 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Make Your Knees Strong

Knees are the most commonly injured joints in the body. Simple, casual wear and tear can end up hurting your mobility. Knee strengthening exercises are among the best ways to avoid injuries and to treat knee pain.

However, Knees are most susceptible to injury from each day wear and tear. These could result in hurting your mobility and ease on which you move. Wall- slides, Step-ups, Hamstring curls, Bent- leg raises, Straight-leg lifts relieve knee pain. This is simple exercises which don’t involve any fancy gym equipment.

5 Simple Exercises You Can Do To Make Your Knees Strong

Exercises for Relieving Knee Pain:

1. Steps -Ups

These exercise involves an action of stepping upward, with a bench, stairs or solid coffee table. First place the foot on that, about two feet high, straighten your knees then step down. Keep up a steady pace.

2. Wall slide

Stand tall on your back flat to a wall. Bend your knees, slide down the wall and then straight up. Put your arms overhead and move it slowly for balance. The feet and legs should be parallel while the knees shouldn’t go out over the toes. Do this exercise 5-10 times.

3. Bent-Leg Raises

Sit in a chair and lift one leg in the air. Be sure you keep it straight without locking the knee. Keep these position for one minute. Then bend your knee about halfway to the floor. Hold in these position for half a minute then return in the starting position. Do 4 repetitions on each leg.

4. Hamstring Curls

Hold and face onto the back by a chair. Lift your left foot and bring them toward your back, but don’t go more than 90-degree angle. Check these position for 5 seconds then lower the leg and switch the sides. Be sure your knees are close together.

5. Straight-leg lifts

Lie with your back with one knee bent while the other one are straight on the floor. Tighten your thigh muscles and raise your straight leg off the floor. Keep in that position for 5 seconds and then lower the leg slowly and repeat with the other side.